1. If the container must be placed on the public road, the client must first request, at his own expense, the authorization of PARKING TO the POLICE of his municipality and pay the taxes. During placement, the container will be provided by AZ Containers Belgium with the regulatory signaling. After delivery the customer is solely responsible for this signaling, it will in case of disappearance (theft etc …) replace the said signaling. If the regulatory signaling is not sufficient, due to the geographical situation, the customer is required to take the necessary measures to ensure that the container is sufficiently lit.

2. The container is deposited at the place indicated by the customer at his own risk. He must ensure that where the truck is to maneuver the ground is strong enough to support the weight of the loaded truck. The customer is solely responsible for damage to floors, sidewalks, manholes and others. In case of infringements only the customer is responsible both in civil and criminal. Any unnecessary travel, for example: arriving and not being able to place or take back the container for lack of space (22 meters) or lack of communal reservation, etc. .. will be charged a flat fee of 90 € excluding VAT.

3. The container is intended for non-hazardous industrial waste and assimilated according to the regional decrees in force and to come. References of the laws on the official website of competent ministry and available on request. See also our terms of use for each type of container. It is therefore forbidden to deposit in the container any explosive, toxic, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, organic, corrosive, flammable or radioactive waste, hydrocarbons or other hazardous or contaminated wastes. In the event of a finding of non-conformity of the goods, the following procedure will automatically be applied, and it is already considered as accepted by the customer: The customer is put on hold to come and take back his waste products in the 48 hours of sending the warning (by email, phone, SMS, fax or registered letter). A lump sum of € 110 of administrative costs may be charged. After 48 hours, the customer will be notified by email or fax that the disputed goods will be entrusted to an approved waste buyer who will be responsible for eliminating them in accordance with the laws in force. This service will be billed to the customer.

4. The container can not be loaded beyond its intended capacity (in m³ or kg / ton). If the container is loaded above its capacity in volume or weight, our driver reserves the right to refuse the return of the container with obligation for the customer (the tenant) to take care of any direct and indirect damage, fines , penalties, miscellaneous expenses and cost of any kind occasioned by the return of the container rendered in conformity. An additional 100,00 € per m³ will be charged for any overflow above the container edges. The customer, a waste producer, will always be responsible for the nature and composition of the waste removed at home. Any costs incurred by non-compliance with this clause (transport, destruction and administrative costs for special waste) will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Any degradation of the container, by fire or any other cause, will be estimated by AZ Containers Belgium and invoiced automatically to the customer.

5. The determination of the class of waste discharged shall be made, where appropriate, by an acceptor. Only his indication will be taken into consideration and is therefore indisputable, accepted and recognized by the client.

6. The terms and deadlines (date and time of delivery) indicated by us are for informational and approximate and any change or non-compliance can never give rise to a claim for damages from the co-contracting party (the customer).

7. The containers for hire are provided with an identification (sticker or other) that can not be removed by the tenant customer under pain of damages, seizure or concordat, the rented equipment (the container) will make the object of a claim, regardless of where it may be.

8. If the period of 15 minutes for the placement / removal of the containers is exceeded, a waiting time, amounting to € 65.00 per hour will be added to the account.

9. The current general conditions will prevail over the general conditions of sale or purchase of our customers.

10. All our bills are payable at large, and without discount. The due date indicated on the invoice is valid between the parties. This expiry date is 7 days unless otherwise stipulated on the invoice. In case of non-payment or late payment, an interest of 1.5% per month will be due on the gross amount of the invoice. In addition, the gross amount of the invoice will automatically be increased by a fixed allowance of 15% with a minimum of 30 €. In the event of late payment, deliveries and services will be suspended without notice and without this being able to give rise to damages in the name of the co-contracting party.

11. All declarations / claims regarding deliveries and invoices must be made in writing within 8 days of delivery or invoicing, and must be reasoned.

12. The prices listed on the website are exclusive of VAT ,  kilometer tax, municipal tax, and  Tracimat tax, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Our prices are indicative for the Brussels region. For delivery outside the Brussels region, plan an extra charge of € 2 per km.

13. Any dispute relating to a delivery or invoice falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Brussels.